We Sing in Fire and Blood tells the true story of a woman's miraculous survival after an ordeal of extraordinarily sadistic violence and the tidal-wave of emotion felt through the whole community, reaching the highest judge in the land.

One night in 2010, alone at her home in Bristol, writer / director Hazel Grian was brutally attacked by an intruder and left for dead as the house burned. Immediately, the city went above and beyond to help and the attack soon became a national story. It left every woman who heard it saying ‘It could have been me.’ 

We Sing In Fire And Blood is unique: an operatic crime drama written by a woman survivor. It uses the most ancient form of storytelling, the campfire, to bring people together. Police officers, nurses, neighbours and friends sing verbatim accounts of how they solved the crime and cared for the survivor.

The music and lyrics, an original fusion of folk and electronica, are heart wrenching, unsettling and uplifting. Examples on our Home page.

A newly extended 360º VR film of We Sing In Fire And Blood premiered earlier in 2019 to overwhelmingly positive reviews. Preview clip on our Home page.


We Sing in Fire and Blood is now being developed as a libretto for the stage by Hazel Grian. New music will be written in collaboration with composers Duncan and Sarah, and with help from the NHS, police and fire services, the Crown Prosecution Service and Judiciary. We are looking for theatre and opera producers to help make this happen.

This is an incredible work. The most moving 360 film I’ve seen yet
— Peter Davidson, ACE South East Relationship Manager, May 2019
The sheer visceral magnitude of the subject. I can hardly remember an artwork with more impact than this, in any medium
— Verity McIntosh - Virtual & Extended Realities UWE, June 2019
An incredible project. Extraordinary
— Charles Hazlewood conductor, British Paraorchestra, June 2019
I believe this project will help to show how all those involved drew comfort & strength from the collaborative approach to tackle a crime which shocked the local community at the time
— Detective Constable Paul Austins, Avon & Somerset Constabulary

The Team

Hazel Grian - Writer / Director

Duncan Speakman & Sarah Anderson - Composers 

All Seeing Eye - VR Production

Isla Badenoch - Creative Producer

360º VR Screenings

Limina VR Theatre, Watershed, Bristol: June 2019

Avon & Somerset Constabulary Headquarters: June 2019

British Embassy, Paris: April 2019

National Theatre of Scotland: March 2019

British Council / Espacio Telefónica XR Festival, Madrid: May 2018

British Council / European Film Festival, Nairobi: June 2018

Sheffield DocFest Market: June 2018

Encounters International Short Film Festival: Sept 2018

Behind the Scenes